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Amitis Vs PanChess Vs Stockfish

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Amitis Vs PanChess Vs Stockfish

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:32 am

Asus VX7 -Intel® Core™ i7 2630QM Processor -
Sistem: Win7-64bit - 16GRam -
Gui: DeepFritz 13
Book: Immortal 2012a
Hash: 1024
Blitz. 5 min.

1- 291b3d7ab670e6e82743c26feee7af0a *stockfish-231-64-ja.exe
2- f8ec30e6327b73cd260d8c3d0ade63d2 *PanChess 00.250 x64.exe
3- 5c0d84f108dc6ebbcd74b6baf5ae4b82 *stockfish-222-64-ja-intel.exe
4- 6a12f74fee74badf85ec4ebd2ac80f6e *PanChess 00.240 x64.exe
5- 6391503167b45a78d732b5045f78a470 *Amitis x64 alpha.exe
6- 109c3538e13ec882758112800eb87f90 *stockfish-221-64-ja.exe
7- 1bf189d31ff3321abcba77462750d626 *Amitis x64 beta 2.exe


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