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Deep Fritz 14 has very similar characteristics to Robbolito...Ippo and FireBird.

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Deep Fritz 14 has very similar characteristics to Robbolito...Ippo and FireBird.

Post  Zenith on Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:10 am

Deep Fritz 14, which is based on Pandix (a private engine)
Perhaps we have all assumed this to be the case because of the author's involvement but I did not see anything in the Chessbase advertisement confirming it was so.

The DF14 w32 engine has very similar characteristics to Robbolito 021Q MP including failing to clear hash between positions when a position test set is run. Also confirmed when it is shown the solution to a problem, taken back, hash cleared and it immediately solves the position it failed on previously until the GUI is unloaded/reloaded when it goes back to failing to solve. The position solving failures also look very similar to Robolitto but of course some tweaks here and there can make it look a little different.

I thought there were similarities to the Ippo family when I looked at the DF14 64 bit engine in Windows 7. In that case it looked similar to Fire(bird) 2.2 MP but again some differences. Not aware of how to run a similarity test with the engine being native to the Chessbase GUI.

Nothing wrong in this but from my perspective in W7 I've got a 64 bit GUI with the same file handling issues as DF13 GUI and a 64 bit engine that seems to be an Ippo variant that would otherwise have been free. In XP Pro 64 bit I've got a w32 GUI and engine that does not have the file handling issues but again the engine seems a w32 Ippo variant. The 64 bit engine also crashed during a Noomen2012 opening lines engine vs engine match. More concerned about the failure to install the 64 bit GUI and engine in XP Pro 64 bit.

The absence of the previously included Autoplayer for engine vs engine matches is also a big disappointment that really kills the need for another Fritz GUI for me.


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Re: Deep Fritz 14 has very similar characteristics to Robbolito...Ippo and FireBird.

Post  Bacolod Chess on Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:52 am

this is chessbase's desperate move to be ranked with the top engines. for several years now fritz engines areleft behind. now they buy another engine and rename it fritz. damn. it means that this new fritz engine is not fritz at all. Mad Mad Mad  its like a third party engine. and yes it is heavier to the system than any previous fritz version Mad Mad Evil or Very Mad  in game analysis, ive got a move slow down (rook from a8 to a1 example) when using fritz 14 engine Evil or Very Mad Exclamation  so I wont use fritz engine aymore. at first I thought my PC just slowed down becos I have torrent at the background etc. but no, I switched to deep fritz 13 and it wont slow down my GUI. damn chessbase. why can't they develop their own chess engine?! private programmers who doesn't have finalcial backbone like Richard Vida, can even develop a strong engine. then why can't chessbase? this is stupid. it's no longer fritz.
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