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4th gen i5 4200u or 3rd gen i5 3230m for chess?

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4th gen i5 4200u or 3rd gen i5 3230m for chess?

Post  souvik46 on Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:19 pm

4th gen i5-1.6 ghz, turbo boost upto 2.6 ghz.
3rd gen i5-2.5 ghz ,turbo boost upto 3.2 ghz.

which is good for chess?
The 3rd gen is overclocked but it misses the SSE4.2 instructions.
The 4th gen is little underclocked but has the SSE4.2 instructions.
pls help me to decide friends. Thanks in advance. Smile


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Go for 3rd gen i5 - 3230M

Post  AshuPro on Sat Jun 21, 2014 4:22 pm

4th gen - 4200U is a ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) processor MAX TDP = 15 Watts, therefore underclocked & used mainly in ultrabooks.

BTW the 3230M does support the SSE4.2 instruction sets

For chess engine testing and development, 3230M is better than 4200U. 3rd gen 3.2ghz will certainly produce higher NPS than 4th gen 2.6ghz.

And if you seriously want to test engines, MOBILE processors are not the way to go.

Get a decent desktop processor for the same price which will be miles ahead in NPS generation.


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