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Threads vs Cores

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Threads vs Cores Empty Threads vs Cores

Post  andytl755 on Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:01 pm

I know it might seem like an obvious question, but I'm not sure what setting to use for the UCI Engines I am using.

For example, my laptop has 4 Cores, and 8 Threads. Stockfish, and I think a number of engines, instruct to set the number of Threads to the number of Cores you have. So although I have 8 Threads, according to Stockfish I should make the setting Thread be 4.

When I set Threads to 4, I find the Performance tab in Windows Task Manager displays 8 seperate graphs for CPU Usage History. The overall CPU usage approximates around 50%, while nearly all the time 6 graphs show functioning, while 2 show flatlining.

If I make the setting 8, I find the Performance tab shows an overal CPU usage of 95-100%, while all 8 graphs showing very high usage.

Could somebody please advise me, are Chess Engine Threads different to CPU threads? What do I need to have the setting on? I am happy if it is genuinely 4. I do not want to be guilty of psuedo-over clocking as it were.

Many Thanks


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