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Introduction and Guidelines to Chess Dating

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Introduction and Guidelines to Chess Dating

Post  chessgod101 on Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:20 pm

I would like to welcome you to the new chess dating section of This is a free dating section that allows members to seek and start relationships with other chess players around the internet. Before you begin posting, I would like to lay down a few rules.

General Rules:
1. You must be 18 years or older to use the dating section.
2. Dating or soliciting a minor is forbidden by federal law and forum policy.
3. Beware of dating scams. Neither the forum or its staff will be held responsible nor will provide any compensation for any financial loss, accident, scam, or other mishap that occurs from using our free service.
4. Once communication is established with a partner, it is advised that you move your discussions to private messaging, skype, facebook, or other social communication networks to ensure privacy.

Rules for Profiles:
1. Be sure to post your dating profile in the correct forum. If you are a male, be sure to post your profile in the male profiles section and females in the female profiles section.
2. Be sure to include a detailed description of what your hobbies and interests are, what country you are from, your age, and what you are seeking in a partner.
3. Be sure to specify whether you are seeking a male or female partner. Discrimination will not be tolerated. Also include this in the thread title.
4. Be sure to keep your profile clean and free from explicit content.
5. Provide accurate information about yourself. Anyone caught using a fake dating profile picture or name will have their profile deleted and their account banned.

An ideal profile will look something along the lines of:

Name: George Smith(name is not necessary)
Relationship Status: Single
Age: 29
Location: United States
Religion: Catholic Christian
Seeking: I am a male seeking a female for a long term relationship.
Hobbies: Chess, Poetry, Singing, Opera, Dancing, Mathematics, Astronomy, Hiking
Work/Education: I am a writer. I have a associates degree in literature.
Ideal Partner: I am looking for a special lady who has a mutual passion for chess, poetry, and opera.
About Me: I am a simple man that is yearning to express and give my deepest love, care, respect, fidelity, and devotion to the perfect lady. I enjoy playing chess, listening to opera, expressing my dreams of love in poetry, doing yoga, eating healthy, and hiking in the forest. I am yearning to find the perfect lady to share all of these passions with for the rest of my life.

You can also include a picture of yourself in your profile, as well as a link to your facebook page or other social networking sites. These are optional though.

I hope that this service will help you find the partner you have been seeking who will bring you countless years of happiness and joy.

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