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Baracuda2014d ABK BKT CGB CTG

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Baracuda2014d ABK BKT CGB CTG

Post  gary on Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:33 am

Baracuda2014d ABK BKT CGB CTG

Well balanced book for testing engines ( up to 8 moves )

80 new well balanced 8-moves positions. Positions analysed by Stockfish and Komodo.

Around 550 draw opening positions ( no advantage for any side more than 30 cenitpawns ( +-0.30 ))
after move 8.

Don t need additional settings, because there is no bad moves in this book,
but You can change the " Number of games" ( "Variety of play" ) scale to change the percentage of openings...

Just load into Your favorite GUI ( Arena , Shredder , ChessGUI or Fritz ) and enjoy.



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