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The Great Book of Chess Combinations

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The Great Book of Chess Combinations

Post  Karpov on Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:51 am

The Great Book of Chess Combinations
by Jozsef Pinter
PDF | 432 pages | 23.7 mb

You are holding 1400 combinations in your hand. If you review them, your approach to tactics and your combinational skills will surely develop. You can pick up chess from a trainer or all by yourself. A good teacher tells his students about the essence, the strategy and the inner lines of force of chess. Combinations, however, can be learned from books, too. Its method is to solve chess combinations. The main motives can be acquired that way. This book deals with the main motives of tactics. Each section contains and advanced level studies. This masterpiece is easy to use. If the reader has 5 minutes, he will solve one riddle. If he has 60 minutes, he will go through a dozen. And if he wants to make real progress, then let him solve a whole section.

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The Great Book of Chess Combinations

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