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Sharpen Your Chess Tactics in 7 Days

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Sharpen Your Chess Tactics in 7 Days

Post  Karpov on Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:08 pm

Sharpen Your Chess Tactics in 7 Days
by Gary Lane
PDF | 225 pages | 12.3 mb

Australian chess champion Gary Lane introduced his unique training methods in the bestselling Improve Your Chess in 7 Days.
Now he applies the same quick, effective approach to a book focused on tactics. With realistic examples from actual games, the reader learns to use pins, forks, skewers, decoys, deflections, and other classic maneuvers in every phase of play, from the opening to the endgame.
By following the plan day by day studying the positions, reading the text, and performing the exercises any player,
whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, is assured of dramatic results in just 7 days.

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Sharpen Your Chess Tactics in 7 Days

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