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Mikhail Tal: Tactical Genius

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Mikhail Tal: Tactical Genius

Post  Karpov on Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:18 pm

Mikhail Tal: Tactical Genius
by Maxim Chetverik , Alexander Der Raetsky
PDF | 161 pages | 13.9 mb

Mikhail Tal was simply a chess phenomenon. The 'magician from Riga' stunned the chess world when he became the youngest ever World Champion (at that time) in 1960, and he won countless
supporters for his scintillating tactical play and his infectious enthusiasm for the game. Tal's dazzling tactical style would often leave his hapless opponents in a state of shell shock. As former
World Champion Vassily Smyslov once noted, 'Tal's appearance in chess had the effect of an exploding bomb, since his style of play was distinguished by extraordinary combinative brilliance.'

In this book Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik revisit Tal's brilliant victories. The authors have carefully picked his most famous and instructive games and combinations, ones which set
the chess world alight with admiration. A study of this tactical genius is sure to entertain and benefit the aspiring chess student.

Includes Tal's most brilliant sacrificial attacks
Ideal for the attacking-minded chess player
Perfect for sharpening your tactical ability

E-Book Link
Mikhail Tal: Tactical Genius


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Mikhail Tal: Tactical Genius by Maxim Chetverik , Alexander Der Raetsky

Post  ChessCaissa on Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:34 am

New live link (PDF plus CBV):
Password: Caissa
Thanks to Karpov and to the original uploader! sunny


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