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Excelling at Technical Chess

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Excelling at Technical Chess

Post  Karpov on Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:21 am

Excelling at Technical Chess
Learn To Identify And Exploit Small Advantages

by Jacob Aagaard
PDF | 54 Pages | 5.4 MB

"And the rest is a matter of technique" is an annoyingly common phrase used in chess literature.
The implication from the author is that the task of converting a typically winning position into a full
point or converting a drawing position into half-a- point is relatively straightforward.
However, as all of us practical players realize, it's not always a simple as this,
and many hard-earned points are wasted through "a lack of technique".
In this valuable book Jacob Aagaard aims to solve this perennial problem.
He arms readers with several endgame weapons that every strong technical player has in his toolbox.
These include important skills such as schematic thinking, domination, preventing counterplay, building fortresses,
and utilizing zugzwang. These tools are illustrated in deeply analyzed games containing numerous different themes.
A serious study of this book will ensure that readers need no longer need fear the word "technique"!

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Excelling at Technical Chess


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