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Chess Training for Budding Champions

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Chess Training for Budding Champions

Post  Karpov on Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:25 am

Chess Training for Budding Champions
by Jesper Hall
PDF | 176 Pages | 37.5 MB

Many chess-players find it difficult to improve their game beyond a certain level. They can see basic tactics,
know a little about openings and can calculate a few moves ahead. However, so do their opponents.
What is the next level, and how does one get there? This book is aimed at chess-players who have progressed
well beyond beginner level and have acquired the basic skills required to play at club level, but need guidance
to improve their understanding of chess. It is based on the training program that Hall himself followed when he
was an up-and-coming player. The lessons are not based on 'quick fixes', but instead provide a well-rounded
course in all aspects of chess that will equip the reader well for his or her chessboard battles, and provide a firm
yet flexible basis for further improvement.

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Chess Training for Budding Champions


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