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So that now some words about what is difference, for commercial and free book

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So that now some words about what is difference, for commercial and free book

Post  predator78 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:59 am

How to make a strong book. it is very easy!!! no no this is illusion, and things are not so easy. Well but after this what? the book , will be tuned and now all ok? but how time? one week or one month?, . No no, sorry, Now we have a many hard work! every day,and every week we need to prove any line when is winning or losing and the book need update every week or 4 update for the month. But i said before this is a very hard work So the book and all good things like a programmes software, chess books and many other most popular things will be free only here for vip members .....But of course they will be with single update, and this is so because my books are free for all...So that all other books are make with hard work with update every week and they are a commercial, like sicilian books! Well and to finally i will say that every week the book is tuned and adjust with minimal 200 new lines so that the book is always with most new popular theory of the chess computers well but this is the commercial book! So any other book, will get only draw and will be lost many games,Because the book is exhausted!! the update is not available!! Many guys from sicilian team make a money! but ofcourse they also make very hard work...! But i just want to make, respect. every one must be honest person and need esteem!! and after this will have honor to be a human!>>>>>>>>We are members of this wonderful forum! so we must support this forum!.<<<>>> Best sincere regards to all Ivailo Genov Prdeator78

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