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Excelling at Combinational Play

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Excelling at Combinational Play

Post  Karpov on Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:00 am

Excelling at Combinational Play
by Jacob Aagaard
PDF | 238 Pages | 31 MB

Being able to solve puzzles and combinations is one of the principal components of a successful chess player.
But how can one improve on such an important skill?
How can one acquire combinational vision?
The answer lies within the pages of this book!
Experienced chess writer Jacob Aagaard explains how tactical intuition and ability develops
and uses pattern recognition to improve the reader's tactical ammunition.
It's also no secret that the continued practice of puzzles and combinations helps to sharpen the chess brain,
and here there is a wealth of exercises and problems to solve accompanied by the full solutions and explanations.
This book is a must for the serious competitive player.

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Excelling at Combinational Play


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