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ChessBrainVB for OfficeVBA Engine...

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ChessBrainVB for OfficeVBA Engine...

Post  supersharp77 on Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:13 am

Roger Zuehlsdorf

My new exotic engine: ChessBrainVB for OfficeVBA (1950 ELO)

This chess engine (32 bit Windows) for winboard and MsOfficeVBA (EXCEL/WORD) is based on the source of the engine "LarsenVB"
by Luca Dormio (
LarsenVB was inspired by "Faile 0.6 by" Adrien M. Regimbald, which was also the base for the engine "Sjeng".
I want to thank Luca Dormio for his permission to use his LarsenVB source.

Download link:


Thank you for the great new engine based on Larsen VB ChessBrainVB
engine plays very good chess and tests very very well! Strong Play!! Smile

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