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Fritz 15 FULL + medicine

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Re: Fritz 15 FULL + medicine

Post  guardianx9 on Sat Nov 05, 2016 7:35 am

can some1 post a working medicine for fritz 14 every link is dead


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Post  R4ML4N on Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:02 pm

juliusp20 wrote:bro link download fritz 15 masih ada ? sekalian sama medicine nya
di forum link nya mati semua

neron wrote:
Hello there
Do you still have any links for Fritz 15 and medicine ?
If you do please send me

Fritz 15
ISO File are Virtual Compack Disc DVD ,so for open your use software Demon tools or ISO aplication for virtual Drive in OS windows

For activating 64-bit CB programs you can use CB_Keygen 2.2 (updated version!):
Medicane Mirror:

KOMODO 10 GUI CHESSBASE Identical GUI Fritz 15

here's the last CB-Patch version 6.7 (updated 15.7.2016!):
You find it in the attachment at the bottom!

There are 3 possible options (of course it also works as before without any commandline option, and "CB-Patch /?" shows these options):

1) CB-Patch /t ..... just test if the GUI program can be patched
2) CB-Patch /p ..... create a Patch.pat file, but don't patch
3) CB-Patch /tp ..... test if GUI program is already patched: useful for checking GUIs without a Patch.pat (where CB-Patch fails), if the GUI might already be a patched version

Short description of CB-Patch:
CB-Patch patches all 32-bit (!) ChessBase-GUIs (F4-F15, CB6-CB13, CBLight)!
For older GUIs it removes the CD-check for all ChessBase engines (engines which have their own CD-check must of course be patched themselves).
For the newer GUIs F12-F15, CB10-13 and CBLight it additionally allows to activate the GUI with ANY serial number you like
(of course these faked serials don't work for the PlayChess server!).
To use it just copy CB-Patch.exe into the folder of your ChessBase/Fritz-GUI and run it. It creates a file Patch.pat
(for newer versions also PatchAT.pat) in this folder which should not be deleted, because if this file exists you can undo
the patch (i.e. restore the original GUI) by running CB-Patch once more.
Whenever you update your GUI you have to run CB-Patch again.


Installation guide for F12-15 and CB11-13:
(for a full 'first-time' installation)

1. install the program (don't start it after the installation!)
2. copy the latest CB-Patch.exe into the installation folder
3. run CB-Patch.exe (this patches the program and ChessBaseAdminTool)
4. start the program: when the activation dialog comes up, enter ANY
serial number for the 'Activation key' and the 4 shown letters,
and click at 'Ok'. (IF it asks for activation then click at 'Abort',
i.e. DON'T activate the program at this moment, because this would do
an online activation)!
5. close the program and re-open it again -
it may once more ask for activation, choose 'Abort' again!.
(instead of re-opening you can also start ChessBaseAdminTool and
enter the numbers of point 6. directly here)
6. open the menu 'File > Activation > Activate Offline' and enter
the SAME serial number in the top field, then the 4 shown letters
and finally fill the bottom field with ANY numbers and click [OK].

If you have any further questions or feature requests about CB-Patch feel free to post it here in this thread ...
Also if CB-Patch doesn't seem to work for any of your ChessBase-GUIs, then please post it here and include the full output of CB-Patch and the version, size and date of the GUI. In this case you may already have a patched GUI (and the correct Patch.pat is missing), or you've really found a new version which CB-Patch doesn't yet handle (in this case I'll try of course to improve my patcher).

Enjoy your instal play game tobe happy ,Attantion buy original for support Development ! afro


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