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Post  R4ML4N on Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:17 pm

special edition, topic gambit

Chess engine:

Fruit gambit edition ,UCI
Chess tiger gambit Edition + Standar version ,UCI/ENG(ChessBase)

Opening Gambit lines Opening CTG :

Amongst others, the following gambits are present in the GambitLines book:
Gambit Opening:

* Albin Counter gambit
* Benko gambit
* Blackmar-Diemer gambit
* Blumenfeld gambit
* Budapest gambit
* Caro-Kann Fantasy gambit
* Caro-Kann Rasa-Studier gambit
* Danish gambit
* Dutch Defence Korchnoi gambit
* Dutch Defence Staunton gambit
* Elephant gambit
* Evans gambit
* Fajarowicz gambit
* Falkbeer Counter gambit
* Four Knights Belgrade gambit
* French Milner-Barry gambit
* French Wing gambit
* King’s gambit
* Latvian gambit
* Lisitsin gambit
* Petroff Cochrane gambit
* Ponziani Counter gambit
* Ruy Lopez Hector gambit
* Ruy Lopez Marshall gambit
* Ruy Lopez Schliemann/Jaenisch gambit
* Scandinavian Mieses gambit
* Scandinavian Icelandic gambit
* Scandinavian Portuguese gambit
* Scotch Goring gambit
* Scotch gambit
* Semi-Slav Anti-Meran gambit
* Semi-Slav Marshall gambit
* Semi-Slav Anti-Moscow gambit
* Sicilian Rubinstein Counter gambit
* Sicilian Smith-Morra gambit
* Sicilian Wing gambit
* Slav Tolusch-Geller gambit
* Tarrasch Defence Marshall gambit
* Tarrasch Defence Von Hennig-Schara gambit
* Trompovski gambit
* Two Knights Fried Liver attack
* Two Knights gambit
* Two Knights Traxler gambit
* Vienna Game Frankenstein-Dracula gambit
* Urusov gambit

All in One
Download :

Enjoy your testing and have fun Cool

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