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Najdorf (Pack)

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Najdorf (Pack)

Post  jiri on Sat Feb 11, 2017 1:38 am

Najdorf (Pack)

Thanks to jiri for this very useful pack dealing with one of the most popular AND complicated openings, romantically evoking the great names of Fischer, Kasparov and of course, the old man (Najdorf) himself. Even today, just a couple of days ago the strong Russian GM Andreikin said that if and when he opened with 1.e4 any reply other than the Berlin or the Najdorf was a great surprise already...
The link to the original upload is broken, as is the the one to the pack by Ironcast (thanks for this, too, and +1). Since the latter contains also material in other languages and formats, I have only tried to replace the material posted by jiri originally, and so here is my collection of fifteen books and booklets on the Najdorf, in English and PDF format, over 90 percent identical to the material in jiri's pack:

King D Winning with the Najdorf
TWIC Theory 02 Najdorf with Nc6
Kosten Easy Guide to the Najdorf
Emms Play the Najdorf Scheveningen
Jacoby the new anti-Najdorf
Kevin Goh Wei Ming Chess Developments The Sicilian Najdorf
Kovacevic The Sicilian Najdorf
Mastering the Najdorf Raicevic etc
Mystery of the Najdorf
Najdorf with …Nc6
Nunn The Complete Najdorf
Nunn Gallagher The Complete Najdorf Modern Lines
Rizzitano Play the Najdorf
Curtacci Sicilian Defence Najdorf
Andriasyan Winning with the Najdorf

Link (zipped PDF, 138.6 mb):

Zippy mirror:

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