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Post  jiri on Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:22 am

Hi there,

One of the major mistakes over 95% of club players make is working on different aspects of the game and never utilizing them together.

Club players learn openings, middlegames and endings separately, but never see those elements working hand-in-hand. Grandmasters, on the other hand, know how to employ all those to create a masterful win. Everything is interconnected and one stage serves as a continuation of the other – in full harmony.

That’s why you get that feeling of “effortlessness” after observing a GM game. Grandmasters have many “secrets” of practical [aka effective] play that they use for achieving those effortless wins.

This is something very important for any chess player, but unfortunately next to impossible to master on your own.

Or at least it was the case until today...

To help you learn how GMs work during the tournaments and apply their knowledge we did something quite extraordinary. We’ve set up a 20-game Blitz Match at Columbia University between the former Youth World Blitz Champion GM Maxim Dlugy and GM Alexandr Lenderman.

What's in it for you?

In this 4+ hour video course, GM Alex Lenderman analyses all 20 games of the Match sharing many of his preparation secrets, behind-the-scenes tactics, techniques and methods which every single successful chess player must know. Until recently those very ideas were reserved only for elite Grandmasters and few of their private students... This is the first time it is being released to the public.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how a 2600+ Grandmaster prepares, thinks and plays during a chess tournament. GM Lenderman thoroughly analyses all 20 of his games against Max Dlugy, adding TONs of priceless, practical advice that any ambitious club player will benefit from. This information is pure gold and may save you months of your own time.

By following GM Lenderman’s advice and preparation secrets you will get an unparalleled edge against your competition.
Let your opponent be stressed out, angry and frustrated after you start applying some of the Grandmaster Level ideas you'll learn in this course... Most likely they wouldn't even realize what happened and why they lost.
Time to get started!


1 - Psychological preparation
2 - Utilizing momentum
3 - Opening Preparation
4 - Gaining Initiative
5 - Plan A and Plan B
6 - Shaking off a loss
7 - Mixing your openings
8 - Planning the game
9 - Want to play it safe?

Thank you, Gambit man


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