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Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess - New in Chess, 2013 (I. Sokolov)

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Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess - New in Chess, 2013 (I. Sokolov)

Post  jiri on Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:52 pm

Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess - New in Chess, 2013 (I. Sokolov)

The book is on the forum since 2013
29.11.2013, 19:30 

 Re: NEW SCANS in e-book section

Sacrifice and Initiantive in Chess Sokolov

True but the original thread was deleted by it's uploader (JIRI)so it's always welcome if someone creates new threads with working links.

Personally I'm against to the ability for the users users to delete (and even editing after certain duration) their posts/threads whenever they want. But there's hardly anything I can do (

High resolution very good PDF version (Special THANKS to BishopPair) => LIAR

Smaller good PDF version + CBV DATABASE file =>

E-PUB e-book version =>

Thanks to the uploaders BishopPair, andronium1972 & & others) liars

Best Books of 2013 - CHESS Magazine

English Chess Federation Book of the Year Finalist

Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess is an entertaining and instructive guide, packed with useful advice and sparkling examples

The sacrifice is one of the most beautiful and complex elements of chess. Giving up material in order to get an advantage is often the most difficult decision a player has to take during a game. It can also be the most rewarding.

Ivan Sokolov, a true grandmaster of attack, presents a set of practical tools that will help you to master the art of the sacrifice. He concentrates on the aim you are trying to achieve, and he teaches you how to develop your intuition and how to arrive at a reasonable risk assessment. A sacrifice, Sokolov argues, is the natural product of the initiative. This explains why the author devotes a substantial part of the book to this most elusive element of our game. With great clarity he teaches when the initiative is at stake and how you should grab it.

Ivan Sokolov is an International Grandmaster who was born in Bosnia in 1968 and rose to the number 12 spot in the FIDE world rankings. He was Yugoslav champion in 1988 and Dutch champion in 1995 and 1998.

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Re: Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess - New in Chess, 2013 (I. Sokolov)

Post  dulcinian on Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:15 pm

Thanks!!! Very Happy Cool bounce

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