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Mega Database 2018 + Update

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Mega Database 2018 + Update

Post  jiri on Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:25 pm

Chess News  
Mega Database 2018
by ChessBase  
11/3/2017 – The Mega Database is chess. With 7.1 million chess games, of which 71,000 are commented, the mega documents over 500 years of chess history and always has up-to-date opening knowledge for the preparation for the next game and the next opponent. A must for every chess player!

Mega Database 2018 Mega Database 2018

The "Mega" is the database every serious chessplayer needs. The database contains 7.1 million games from 1500 to 2017, in highest quality standard, full of top level analyses and completely classified.

The exclusive annotated database
Mega Database 2018 contains more than 7.1 million games from 1560 to 2017 in the highest ChessBase quality standard. 71,000 games contain commentary from top players, with ChessBase opening classification with more than 100,000 key positions, direct access to players, tournaments, middlegame themes, endgames. The largest top-class annotated database in the world. The most recent games of the database are from the middle of October 2017.

Mega 2018 also features a new edition of the ChessBase Playerbase (requires ChessBase 14, 13 or 12). As usual, this is where most of the work was done. As the player index now contains already more than 330,000 entries, it made sense to use an adapted playerbase which includes about 430,000 names. In the process, the photo database was extended as well and now contains 37,000 pictures!

Think about that for a second:

430,000 players
71,000 annotated games
37,000 pictures

Includes Online Mega-Update 2018
With ChessBase 14, 13 or 12 you can download games for Mega 2018 for the whole year, a total of approximately 250,000 games! That means your Mega 2018 will remain up to date from January to December.

Mega Database 2018.7z.001
Mega Database 2018.7z.002
Mega Database 2018.7z.003
Mega Database 2018.7z.004
Mega Database 2018.7z.005
Mega Database 2018.7z.006
Mega Database 2018.7z.007
Mega Database 2018.7z.008
Mega Database 2018.7z.009
Mega Database 2018.7z.010


Mega 2018-02.cbv
400F4DF9E5AC6FA55A300C580F8021D6 Mega 2018-02.cbv

80293C569A188E9CD01A748522F6DC87 M18_U01-U02.7z!9GwxhZgb!HhpgMzgeMBPwWQP5HAD7QQ

DOWNLOAD: (ALL-in-4-parts, 1824.33 MB)


Mega 2018-02.cbv
400F4DF9E5AC6FA55A300C580F8021D6 Mega 2018-02.cbv

The Playerbase file requires a password
Password = 123

Thanks to kawizo!

P.S. made a small mistake in the name of the cbv-file, should not be 7.203.321, but 7.203.231 games 
tired, sorry, you can rename yourself
Link updated
The database shows the correct number of games: 7.203.231

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Thanks very much Jiri

Post  Guest on Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:35 am

This megabase is very helpful for all the people who like to play chess, from chess amateur to GM. Thanks very very much


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