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MIDDLEGAME Masterclass with IM William Paschall

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MIDDLEGAME Masterclass with IM William Paschall

Post  blackwidowxxx on Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:54 pm

It is not a secret that majority of the games are decided in the middlegame. Nevertheless, most chess players focus on everything else but not on the middlegame itself. They study openings, drill tactics and memorize the endings…
Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on something that actually decides most of the games?

Indeed. But there is a problem…

While openings and tactics are relatively easy to train, the middlegame is very different. It’s not enough to just solve many problems or to memorize the lines… To become a strong middlegame player you need to have a good grasp on fundamental principles. Things get harder, because most pieces are still on the board. Thus, memorization isn’t an option.

Middlegame masterclass with IM Paschall is a 10-hour video course covering “everything middlegame” for under 2200 rated player must know.

It allows players to get an instant edge in the middlegame by following the correct plan, precisely utilizing the fundamental principles of the game and making sound decisions. Even when the positions are complex and unclear it is possible to break it down into the easy-to-understand parts and proceed with the strongest continuation [don’t worry, you will learn how].

We will start learning the static concepts and work our way to the dynamic ones. In the first several chapters we will start with pawn structure, then continue with strategic concepts laid out by Nimzowitsch, and then proceed with coordination of pieces and pawns, space advantage, exchanges, king’s safety and so on.

While your opponent stares at the board trying to figure out why he is losing, you can relax and just enjoy the game. The question won’t be whether you can win or not… but rather how soon that will happen.

Trust me it is a much better position to be in! It not just takes the stress out of your game, but also gives you an instant confidence booster. Let’s get started.


LESSON 1 – Pawn structure – Isolated Queen’s Pawn

LESSON 2 – Pawn structure – Hanging Pawns

LESSON 3 – Minority Attack

LESSON 4 – Central Pawn Preponderance

LESSON 5 – Weak squares – Complexes

LESSON 6 – Outposts

LESSON 7 – Blockade – Nimzowitsch

LESSON 8 – Closed positions

LESSON 9 – Pawn breaks

LESSON 10 – Coordination of Pieces and Pawns

LESSON 11 – Bad Pieces I – Bad Bishops

LESSON 12 – Bad Pieces II – Bad Knights

LESSON 13 – Knights vs. Bishops

LESSON 14 – Coordination of Pieces

LESSON 15 – Space Advantage

LESSON 16 – When to exchange – avoid exchanges

LESSON 17 – When to exchange Queens

LESSON 18 – Open Positions

LESSON 19 – King Safety

LESSON 20 – The Bishop pair




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Re: MIDDLEGAME Masterclass with IM William Paschall

Post  AnotherLife on Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:37 pm

Thanks pirat pirat


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