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Recommendation of a Caro-Kann book

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Recommendation of a Caro-Kann book

Post  inaciolino on Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:26 pm

Besides "The Caro-Kann - Move by Move - Lakdawala" is there any other book with commented Caro-Cann games? "logical chess move by move" style?


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Re: Recommendation of a Caro-Kann book

Post  ChessCaissa on Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:47 am

inaciolino wrote:Besides "The Caro-Kann - Move by Move - Lakdawala" is there any other book with commented Caro-Cann games? "logical chess move by move" style?

There are quite a few good, fairly basic books on the Caro-Kann. The one that is closest to the format you want is the recent book by Andrew Martin, called FIRST STEPS, CARO-KANN DEFENSE:

Thanks to the original uploader! sunny

The Caro-Kann Defence arises after the moves 1 e4 c6. With this first move Black (as is also the case with the French Defence – 1 e4 e6) plans 2 ... d5, establishing a well-protected central pawn. The Caro-Kann has a reputation as a rock solid defence that minimises the risk of Black being subjected to undue early pressure. Rather than inviting the opponent to engage in immediate warfare, Black focuses on completing development comfortably and postponng the serious battle until the middlegame. It is notable that the White systems which try to batter the Caro-Kann into early submission are highly double-edged and often rebound badly. First Steps is a new opening series and is ideal for improving players who want simple and straightforward explanations.

First Steps emphasizes:

* the basic principles
* the basic strategies
* the key tricks and traps
First Steps books are based around carefully selected instructive games which demonstrate exactly what both sides are trying to achieve. There is enough theory to enable the improving player to get to grips with the opening without feeling overwhelmed. If you want to take up a new opening, First Steps is the ideal place to start.

I enjoyed working through the games in this book and have even started playing the defense in blitz chess. I think this book is a great choice for anybody looking to pick up this opening, especially improving players between 1600-2200 (Devin Camenares

About the Author
Andrew Martin is a FIDE Senior Trainer and International Master. He is the current Head of the newly-formed ECF Academy, which provides elite training for strong, young players. He teaches in twelve schools, is an experienced chess writer and has produced numerous chess DVDs.

Product details
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Everyman Chess (May 8, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1781944164
ISBN-13: 978-1781944165


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