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The Dzindzi Indian: Crushing White – FULL SET

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The Dzindzi Indian: Crushing White – FULL SET Empty The Dzindzi Indian: Crushing White – FULL SET

Post  Tacticschess on Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:03 pm

Could you anyone Can Upload a The Dzindzi Indian: Crushing White – FULL SET Link.

In Crushing White: The DZINDZI Indian! Digital DVDs, Grandmaster Ron W. Henley provides over 12 hours of instruction in an opening where Black has scored a stunning 57% in decisive games! You will learn how to play against each of White’s 6th move alternatives and how to handle the DZINDZI INDIAN Avoided and Declined.

12 hours of video content 8 Volume 665 Page eBook

You will also receive 8 DZINDZI INDIAN eBooks for a total of 665 pages! These books carefully annotate and provide further analises on most of the games covered on the DVDs and more.
This is the only DVD and Book set you will ever need to own. Watch your rating soar after mastering this opening.

The full DVD and book set cost well over $120 on Amazon but you can own it for much less by buying from OnlineChessLessons.NET! Enjoy over 12 hours of grandmaster video coverage along with over 665 pages of grandmaster annotated content.




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