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Books By Botvinnik

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Books By Botvinnik Empty Books By Botvinnik

Post  ChessCaissa on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:36 am

Botvinnik was not only one of the greatest world champions, he was also one of the greatest analysts.
I have collected in this compilation four books by him, along with the two-volume collection of his games (that is all I have found in English), not ABOUT him which would increase the number.
Here are the six books:
GAMES VOLUME 1 1924-1948
GAMES VOLUME 2 1950-1970

Link: 87.8 mb

Password: CAISSA

Thanks to the original uploaders! sunny


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Books By Botvinnik Empty Re: Books By Botvinnik

Post  dulcinian on Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:27 am

Thanks a lot!!! Very Happy Cool bounce

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Books By Botvinnik Empty More Botvinnik books/backup

Post  sorbet on Fri Mar 22, 2019 8:07 pm

I like having everything in one place, so it is there for me when I wanted, without wasting my time searching. I am creating a backup of a collection of Botvinnik's matches store here in a long-lasting host. The stipulations are these books (pdfs) are written by Botvinnik and the translations are done in English. The CBs or pgns may be in other languages as support for the books. Consider there is a massive amount of literature on the subject, the additional materials above the matches are considered a bonus.

I consider this thread is the best home for these books. This site's search engine is very limited. It only looks at the thread titles. I am going to do a test.


Confirm or reject whether the search engine can find this word after posting.

1) Matches (Written by Botvinnik)

Botvinnik - Alekhine vs. Euwe Return Match 1937
Botvinnik - Botvinnik - Bronstein Moscow 1951
Botvinnik Mikhail - Botvinnik - Smyslov - Three Matches 1954 1957 1958
Botvinnik Mikhail - Botvinnik - Tal Moscow 1961
Botvinnik - Botvinnik - Petrosian The 1963 WCCM 2010

2) Matches written by others

Tal, Mikhail - Tal-Botvinnik Moscow 1960
Timman, Jan - Secret Matches - Botvinnik's Unknown Training Games 2000

3) Selected Tournaments

Botvinnik et. al. - The Second International Chess Tournament Moscow 1935
Botvinnik - Championship Chess 1941

4) Some Best Games books

Botvinnik - Botvinnik's Best Games Volume 1 1925-1941
Botvinnik - Botvinnik's Best Games Volume 2 1942-1956
Botvinnik - Botvinnik's Best Games Volume 3 1957-1970
Botvinnik Mikhail - Botvinnik's Best Games 1947-1970
Botvinnik Mikhail - Half a Century of Chess 1984
Botvinnik Mikhail - One Hundred Selected Games 1960


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Books By Botvinnik Empty Re: Books By Botvinnik

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