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Mastering the Exchange Sacrifice by GM Romain Edouard

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Mastering the Exchange Sacrifice by GM Romain Edouard

Post  ChessCaissa on Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:34 am


Sacrificing the exchange in chess often involves strategic as well as dynamic elements and this is what this video is about!
One of the best French GMs Romain Edouard has selected five instructive examples of strategic exchange sacrifice involving dynamic elements.
In the majority of the examples (four out of five) exchange sacrifice damages opponent’s pawn structure while (at the same time) dynamic elements in the position benefit the attacking side.
Sacrificing motifs are typical and will improve your play, making it easier for you to recognize similar opportunities in your own games!


1 x Video Lessons (mp4) - total running time ~ 65 minutes
PGN for all games

Mastering the Exchange Sacrifice by GM Romain Edouard-tiny version

Good tiny version (Same quality as the original video)

Total size of videos: 164 MB (in stead of 999 MB):

Password: CAISSA

Thanks to gambit_man and to Kheireddine! sunny


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