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Materialism in Chess Engines

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Materialism in Chess Engines Empty Materialism in Chess Engines

Post  Glareanus on Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:54 pm

The TCEC Tournament -  - is a very interesting field for investigations of chess programs. Because the engines play without opening books and with long thinking times, excellent combinations are achieved.

However, the tournament also reveals major weaknesses in the programmes. Even after 20 years, for example, materialism is still a problem. In the past, you could win a whole game against the chess computers with a modest pawn sacrifice. Nowadays it is no longer so easy...
But also the newest programs still have their big deficit concerning materialism.
Materialism is, so to speak, a genetic defect...

Here are three typical examples:

DeusX 1.0 vs Bobcat 8
r1b1k2r/p3bp1p/4p1p1/q1PpP3/8/2PBBQP1/P5P1/R5KR b kq - 0 19
Materialism in Chess Engines Materialismus-bei-Schach-Programmen-Beispiel-1

19... Bxc5? 20. Bd4 O-O 21. Qe3 Qxc3 22. Bxc5 Qxa1+ 23. Kh2 Qb2 24. Rb1 Qc3 25.
Rc1 Qa5 26. Be7 etc. 1-0

LC0 16.10520 vs DeusX 1.0
5rk1/p1qrpp1p/P1N1bbpB/2Qn4/1P6/3p2P1/2P2PBP/R3R1K1 b - - 0 22
Materialism in Chess Engines Materialismus-bei-Schach-Programmen-Beispiel-2

22... Bxa1? 23. Rxa1 dxc2 24. Qxc2 Ra8 25. b5 f6 26. h4 Re8 27. Qe2 Bf7 28. Be3
Nb6 29. Rc1 etc. 1-0

LC0 16.10520 vs Hannibal 20180806
r1b1k2r/pp1p1ppp/2n1pn2/6B1/2Pp4/2q2NP1/P3PPBP/2RQ1RK1 b kq - 0 10
Materialism in Chess Engines Materialismus-bei-Schach-Programmen-Beispiel-3

10... Qb2? 11. Rc2 Qb6 12. Bxf6 gxf6 13. c5 Qa5 14. Nxd4 etc. 1-0

Here you can download all games & analyses (PGN)

Have fun: Glareanus


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