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Beating the Flank Openings - Kotronias

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Beating the Flank Openings - Kotronias Empty Beating the Flank Openings - Kotronias

Post  ChessCaissa on Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:43 am

PDF (9.8 mb):

Thanks to MandarinM! sunny

Every chess player must face White's various Flank Openings - and few
relish the task. Denied a sharp, counterattacking system such as the Sicilian
or an Indian Defence, it is all too easy to play routine moves against a quiet
opening from White, and get slowly suffocated.
This book provides a complete set of weapons against these openings. It is
based on sound, uncompromising play by Black, seeking to nullify White's
initiative, but keeping enough imbalance in the game to play for a win.
Throughout, the book is illustrated with sparkling recent games, and the
author's own deep, original analysis.

This neatly organized book got mixed reviews from the readers. In contrast to plenty of praises, here is a very critical reaction from an Amazon customer:
"About two years ago I decided that the level at which I was playing, Class A USCF, demanded a systematized opening repertoire if I wanted to keep climbing in rating. I set out to do this and started playing with black the Sicilian Accelerated Dragon against 1.e4, the King's Indian against 1.d4 and the Symmetrical English (which can transpose into some variations of the Accelerated Dragon) against 1.c4. At this point I needed some help with my variations against 1.b4, 1.b3, 1.g3, 1.g4 and 1.f4, although it is fair to say that some of this can transpose into the previous mentioned openings. For example, 1.g3 a lot of times transpose into the King's Indian fianchetto variation.
I started looking for a book that could help by giving a comprehensive repertoire against the flank openings. I was delighted when I found "Beating the Flank Openings", since by reading the description of the book, it conveys the idea that it gives black the tools to win against ALL flank openings. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I received the book and found out it covered only the English (variation 1.c4 e5) and the Catalan openings! This meant that the book was completely useless to me, since against 1.c4 I play 1...c5, and since I play the King's Indian, the Catalan is of no use to me.
I hope this advice helps future buyers in avoiding this book if you are looking for a solution similar to the one I was seeking. If on the contrary you are looking for help with the Catalan or English then this book may prove helpful. I browsed through the explanations the author gives and the games selected to depict these two opening and have to admit that Kotronias makes a good job in conveying his ideas and concepts. This is the only reason why I give the book 2 stars instead of 1."

On the other hand, another customer ends a long and enthusiastic review this way: "One more note. The previous reviewer said that his systems were hard to get to if you played different openings, and that they were disappointed that Beating the Flank Openings does not cover flank openings other than the Catalan and the English. I agree; if Kotronias truly covered everything, from every possible move order, then the book would be an instant classic. Unfortunately, you can't reach the chosen systems from every opening. I too play the KID, and Kotronias's coverage of the Van Wely system, though an excellent bonus, is not the best coverage I've seen (for further reading, see Beating the Anti-King's Indians by Dembo), it does give a basic overview of this system, which can be reached from the KID move order. Otherwise, I see the complaint as empty. If you meet 1.c4 with ...c5, then by a book covering that, not ...e5! After all, Kotronias does a lot in just 176 pages. If he covered everything, I could only imagine the wonderful result.
All in all, an excellent book, showcasing some great systems, by a wonderful author. Five stars, all the way."


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