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Knight on the Left: 1.Nc3. - Harald Keilhack

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Knight on the Left: 1.Nc3. - Harald Keilhack Empty Knight on the Left: 1.Nc3. - Harald Keilhack

Post  ChessCaissa on Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:12 am

PDF (19.3 mb):

Thanks to xyzjos! sunny

From a review by Paul Kane: "This is very much a superior opening book. It is intellectually stimulating, a rare virtue, and it presents a thorough survey of 1.Nc3, demonstrating that it gives realistic prospects of a White advantage. A comprehensive list of research materials used by the author – including books, periodicals, databases and internet sources (web pages and newsgroups) – rounds off the book nicely"

From two reviews by Amazon readers:

"A very good book. White waits a move or two before committing to a pawn move. Black can answer with almost anything, and Keilhack covers almost everything. White chooses between a number of transpositional ploys, ranging from book Sicilians, through King's Gambits, Italian Games, Vienna Games, Frenches, Caro-Kanns, and reversed Pircs and Philidors. The trick is knowing WHAT you want to play so that you pick the path. Basically you enter a 'theory-free zone' where experience counts more than memory. They ARE different. In the Van Geet, a premium is set on solving similar problems in varying contexts rathan remembering lines and variations. Doing both, of course, can't hurt you. GM Max Dlugy once told me that the difference between any two players is their relative experience in the position on the board betwwen them. One approach is to make sure you 'know' the position better than your opponent. The Van Geet tries to capitalize on what your opponent doesn't know - trying to lure your opponent onto unfamiliar ground. This results in complrx, nuanced positional play with fewer answers than questions. Highly recommend it."

"A rare gem--thorough, entertaining, and full of ideas and explanations. Conveys enthusiasm about 1.Nc3 without losing objectivity. He is critical of his sources (a big plus) explaining both where and why they let their enthusiasm get the better of them. Also contains some intelligent discussion on competitive realities and chess psychology. Hard to find a negative."


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Knight on the Left: 1.Nc3. - Harald Keilhack Empty Re: Knight on the Left: 1.Nc3. - Harald Keilhack

Post  rickystevano on Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:11 pm

seldom book about this opening, thanks


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