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Startling Castling (Castling to Win) by Robert Timmer

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Startling Castling (Castling to Win) by Robert Timmer  Empty Startling Castling (Castling to Win) by Robert Timmer

Post  ChessCaissa on Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:29 am

PDF (8.2 mb):

Thanks to maharlika! sunny

"This is a top-of-the-line Batsford chess book, filled with beautiful thematic examples that examine the impact of castling in chess. Mr. Timmer's real accomplishment, however, is in producing a highly instructive and entertaining chess manual. His style is witty and conversational. I found myself sticking with this book while many others sat dormant on my shelves. Do not dismiss this as a book only about castling; it is about chess strategy, as seen through the lens of castling, and it is both instructive, entertaining, and beautifully produced."
I am sure everyone knows the importance of castling. Will give this book a shot this weekend and see what the reviewer above was so excited about.


FIDE Master Robert Timmer wrote a very interesting book in his native Dutch,
"De Rochade, een veelzijdige schaakzet [1997]." It was a look at the unique
peculiarities and qualities of castling. An expanded, improved edition has now appeared
in English as "Castling to Win." (Readers may find the edition released in Great
Britain titled "Startling Castling" [2003] - we have no idea why the American
version has a different title.)

This book is difficult to put in a clear category. It is part tactics, part strategy,
but regardless - it is completely enjoyable. And not without instructive value. Timmer
has done his homework well - and we are reaping the rewards.


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