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Exchanging to Win in the Endgame - Nesis

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Exchanging to Win in the Endgame - Nesis

Post  ChessCaissa on Tue Sep 18, 2018 3:43 am

PDF (8.7 mb):

Thanks to silversurfer! sunny

In the endgame neither player has many pieces left on the
board, but neverthe;ess, that small advantage you've been
nursing through the middlegame is still there. How do you
turn that tiny edge into a win?

One answer is in this book. Every great endgame player
understands the ideas that underlie the need to exchange
off pieces (or pawns) in order to make the most of an
endgame, and these principles can be learned. In this
volume you will find out how to:

* Make use of a material or positional advantage
* Move successfully from the middlegame to the endgame
* Choose the right endgame
* Assess the relative merits of pieces

And along with all these techniques will come the
understanding necessary for successful defense in the endgame.


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