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The benko gambit revealed - Neil McDonald

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The benko gambit revealed - Neil McDonald Empty The benko gambit revealed - Neil McDonald

Post  ChessCaissa on Tue Sep 18, 2018 3:59 am

PDF (4.8 mb):

Thanks to Miroslav! sunny

The Benko Gambit, named after the Hungarian player Pal Benko, who pioneered it, has long been a favorite opening of dynamic tournament chess players. This entertaining guide is part of a series that treats openings in a fresh new way. “First Moves” leads you through the basics as you start the gambit. “Tricks and Traps” reveals the secrets of catching out your opponent. And “What’s Hot” divulges the very latest ideas from the champions. A detailed table summarizes the main variations, with assessments.

About the author (2004)
English Grandmaster Neil McDonald is an experienced player on the international chess circuit, with a string of tournament successes. He is a respected chess coach, who has trained many of England's strongest junior players. McDonald is also a talented chess writer and has many outstanding works to his name. Earlier Everyman books include "Concise Chess Endings" and "Concise Chess Openings,"


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