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Play Attacking Chess from Move One - Chess Maniac

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Play Attacking Chess from Move One - Chess Maniac Empty Play Attacking Chess from Move One - Chess Maniac

Post  ChessCaissa on Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:54 am

PDF (8.9 mb):

Thanks to gambit_man! sunny

Learn to play attacking chess from move one by studying the Fried Liver Attack, the Fishing Pole, the Bishop Sacrifice, the Halosar Trap, and other attacks used by the masters of the past.

This book got mixed reviews, here is a good one from an Amazon reader:

"FINALLY! I've been looking for a book like this for years!

I've spent hundreds of dollars on dozens of chess books over the years.
They are either:
Too simple (mostly covering the basics for a beginner) with the "advanced" stuff being mate-in-one and en passant...
Too advanced (lines of variations and computer analysis) to do me much good at this level.
If I had a photographic / eidetic memory or could spend all of my time memorizing things these might be great...

This book has diagrams on every page, usually after each move. You don't even need a board to follow along.
There is algebraic notation but you do not need to know it, it is just there in case you prefer it.
It is a really fast & light read. I can see myself going through it many times in the future.
Which Opening is being used? WHY did she move there?
WHY was it bad for him? What trap is being set, and how?

Now I can start USING the tactics I've been studying for years.
I know HOW to fork & pin, but I rarely had the opportunity to do it.
Now I understand why that was.
I get the impression that this was the sort of stuff I'd learn from a chess coach

I am torn between buying this book for all of my friends who are new to chess and keeping it's "secrets" to myself.
Thank you "Chess Maniac", whoever you are.

My only complaint is that I could have saved hundreds of dollars if I'd only found this book sooner"


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