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Chess Tactics Gym: Ideas to build your Tactical muscles

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Chess Tactics Gym: Ideas to build your Tactical muscles

Post  jiri on Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:33 pm

Chess Tactics Gym: Ideas to build your Tactical muscles

Format: Pdf (from Kindle Edition)
Sold by: Amazon
Language: English


Ever wondered how nice it would be if you could master one Tactical idea at a time. Looking at multiple tactical positions with the same theme can help you understand the theme and improve, if not master it.

This is exactly what this book is all about. You study 100+ examples on Knight Forks, or 100+ examples of Deflection and so on, till the idea sinks in. Think you already know the basic themes like Fork, Pin, Skewer, Deflection? Wait till you read the chapters on "Back-rank weakness", "Back-rank deflection", "Exploiting the Pin", "Rook lift", "Exploiting weak squares" etc. Overall, with 1500+ diagrams from recent 2013 games categorized into 25+ themes, I am confident you have never seen a book like this! Players below 2000 ELO will definitely find it most beneficial, but even stronger players would find it entertaining - How about the chapter on Pretty and Unfortunate mates! The book also has 300 exercises in the end to test your newly acquired knowledge!


♚ Part I - Basic Ideas
Knight Fork (130 positions)
Bishop Fork (33)
Rook Fork (12)
Pawn Fork (9)
Skewer (28)
Pin against the King (38)
Pin against other pieces (7)
Exploiting the Pin
Material gain (99)
Knight forks revisited (32)
Check mate (30)
Simple Deflection (130)
Back-rank Deflection (23)
Discovered Attack & Check
Discovered Attack (95)
Discovered Check (32)
Double Attack (74)

♚ Part II - Advanced Ideas
Assault on the King
Exposing the King (38)
Exploiting Weak Squares (21)
Back-rank Weakness (30)
The Rook Lift (7)
Removing the Defender (67)
Special themes
Clearing (22)
Blocking (10)
Zwischenzug (11)
Queen Traps (26)
Back-rank Mate (53)
h-file Mate (10)
Pretty Mate (38)
Unfortunate Mate (18)
♚ Part III - Exercises

Chess Tactics Gym! - Ideas to build your Tactical muscles - Asim Pereira - 2014 (pdf, 18.66mb)

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