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Kill the Dutch Defense by Ivan Sokolov Two Small MP4 Versions

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Kill the Dutch Defense by Ivan Sokolov Two Small MP4 Versions

Post  ChessCaissa on Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:41 am

"Kill the Dutch Defense" by Ivan Sokolov


Do you have a problem meeting the Dutch Defense?
A plenty of 1.d4 players do!
Stonewall Dutch is a headache to many open tournament players, while Leningrad Dutch is also problem to professionals alike.
In this video Ivan Sokolov offers a simple solution!
Play 2.Nc3! Get an opening advantage and have your opponent on ‘your own turf’ as early as move two!

1 x video lessons (mp4 files) - running time 64 minutes
PGN of games.

Thanks for this video to gambit_man and Thinker for the original video! sunny

Two member of Immortal have produced different tiny MP4 versions, and thanks to them (schachuzipus and Kheirredine)! sunny

Here are both versions in a single file, and you can pick the one you like:


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