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Chess Europe (3)

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Chess Europe (3)

Post  Vilol Scni on Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:40 pm

It is games commented and analyzed in PGN it is in vf, google tratuction should suffice.

The Chinese dragon
The price of the initiative ! M. Carlsen - G. Kamsky
Défense Petrov [C43] (13)Kasparov,Garry - Karpov,Anatoly
Morelia-Linares (R11)Carlsen,Magnus  - Ivanchuk,Vassily
Le Gambit du Roi (2) Morphy,Paul - Tilghman,Benjamin
Paulsen - Morphy, 1857
Kasparov - Nikolic
Tour + pion « a » ou « h » contre Tour
Carlsen,Magnus - Hammer,Jon Ludvig
Lasker,E-Capablanca,J, 1921
Larsen - Petrosian
Almira Skripchenko - Bela Khotenashvili !Caro-Kann classique

Chess Europe PGN.rar

PW : chess-europe
I found this to translate a PGN file

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