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Back to Basics - Openings - Carsten Hansen

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Back to Basics - Openings - Carsten Hansen Empty Back to Basics - Openings - Carsten Hansen

Post  ChessCaissa on Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:57 am

Link (PDF, 5.9 mb):

Thanks to high.hopes! sunny

Back to Basics: Openings (ChessCafe Back to Basics Chess Series) Paperback
by Carsten Hansen (Author)

Back to Basics: Openings will help you understand and play the openings in chess much, much better. It will also help balance your studies of openings, and give you a recipe as to how to obtain better results from your openings and how to approach a variety of situations relevant to our topic of openings. The book covers critical concepts, including: My Own Experiences with Openings Opening Principles How do I decide which Opening to Choose? An Introduction to Opening Theory The Open Game The Semi-Open Game The Closed Game The Semi-Closed Game Flank Openings Where do I go from here?

Editorial Reviews
From an review:

"Carsten Hansen's book on the opening demonstrates why he writes the review on opening books for Chess Cafe. Basic opening principles, the center openings for e4 and d4 are covered. Examples of the basic openings, the first few moves and the basic plans and strategies are given. Good information for selecting an opening for further study. Next the flank openings are described. Carsten does a bang-up job here. As a life long English player he is at home in sharing the plans and strategies with us. Additional guidelines for selecting books on our chosen opening are a great finishing touch. Strongly recommended."
From the Author
When I started playing chess I was relying on an opening book by the late Danish Grandmaster and World Championship candidate, Bent Larsen. In that book, he discussed basic chess opening principles, how to play the opening, development of the pieces. The last part of the book he devoted to a very brief overview of all openings. Not an in-depth, detailed description of all lines, but just enough to get you an idea what the openings are about.

That book was the model I used when writing this book. The opening overview can possible seem overwhelming to some and to little for others. If you as reader feel it is overwhelming, then remember this: you do not need to know all of this, not even close. I have provided the overview for you to figure out which positions you like and which you don't like as much. When you have determined which openings you like, build your opening repertoire around these and study those openings more carefully.
If you on the other hand, feel that it is not detailed enough, you need to jump forward to building your opening repertoire and work with books that are more advanced that this one.
I hope you will enjoy this book and let it help you in your first steps into the exciting world of chess openings.


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