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Post  jiri on Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:17 pm

64 2018 09 9-201810

64 was a Russian chess magazine and draughts publication, published in Moscow. Its name referred to the number of squares on a chessboard. The magazine awarded the Chess Oscar annually.


When it first appeared in 1924,[1] 64 was published as a magazine, but in 1935 it changed to a weekly newspaper. Nikolai Krylenko was the editor from 1924 until his death in 1938 in the Great Purge. The publication was interrupted in 1941 by World War II and resumed after the war. In 1968 it was revamped as a weekly magazine by Alexander Roshal and World Champion Tigran Petrosian. Vasily Smyslov was an assistant editor. Petrosian was editor until 1977 when he was fired after his loss to Viktor Korchnoi in a quarter-final Candidates match. Roshal was severely punished in 1986, when 64 published excerpts from Other Shores from Vladimir Nabokov, even though at that time Anatoly Karpov was editor-in-chief. It was first time Nabokov was published in the USSR. In 1992 the magazine fell upon hard times and ceased publication but Roshal privatized it and publication was resumed. It was published twice a month.[1] It ceased publication again in 2014.

Best, 64 2018 09 Paohng11

64 (1924–1935) Vol.1, no.1 (Sept 1924)–Vol.12, no.6 (June 1935). Bi- monthly, later monthly. Publisher VSFK. Editor N.V. Krylenko. Editorial staff N.D. Grigoriev, B.S. Levman, S.S. Levman, I.L. Mapzelis, V.I. Nepshtadt, L. Ya. Frenkel, I.G. Volkov, R.A. Golts, V.I. Shif, L.S. Shushkovsky. Moskva. Russia. 26 cm., later 41 cm. Magazine. General. Russian. Note Subtitle varies. From 1925 to 1930 has title 64. Shakhmaty i Shashki v Rabochem Klube. From 1931 to no.1 (1932) has title 64. Shakhmaty v Rabochem Klube. From no.2 (1932) to no.6 (1935) has title 64. Shakhmaty i Shashki v Massy. Replaced by 64. Shakhmatno-Shashechnaya Gazeta. Sources Sakharov 1853-1854-1855-1856; KB; CPL. Avail- ability Koninklijke Bibliotheek—complete, call numbers 64 A 68; NBM Mfm MMI 0001; Cleve- land Public Library—complete, call numbers W f789.05-Sh59; W789.05-Sh15s. 7

10. 64 : Ezhenedelnoe Prilozhenie k Gazete “Sovetskip Sport” (1968–1979) No.1 (July 5, 1968)– no.599 (1979). Weekly. Editors T.V. Petrosian (no.1/1968–no.26/1977), Ya.I. Nepshtadt (no.27/ 1977–no.52/1979). Publisher Sovetskip Sport. Moskva. Russia. Illus., 30 cm. Magazine. General. Russian. Note Supplement to Sovetskip Sport. Con- tinued by 64–Shakhmatnoe Oboz renie. Sources Sakharov 1875; KB; CPL; SLV. Availability Konin- klijke Bibliotheek—complete, call number T 8742; Cleveland Public Library—complete, call number missing; State Library of Victoria—complete, call number 794.105 SH59C. 11.

 64–Shakhmatnoe Obozrenie (1980– ) No.1 [=No.600] (1980)–. Fortnightly. Editor Anatoly E. Karpov. Editorial staff V.P. Sukhanov (1980–86), A.B. Roshal (no.5/1980–no.8/1981), N.V. Barmina (no.16/1987–no.22/1988). Publisher unknown. Moskva. Russia. Illus., 28 cm. Magazine. General. Russian. Note Continues 64: Ezhenedelnoe Prilo - zhenie k Gazete “Sovetskip Sport,” with the same numbering. Sources Sakharov 1876; KB; CPL; SLV. Availability Koninklijke Bibliotheek—No.600 (1980)–no.890 (Feb 1992); no.896 (Feb 1993); no.899 (July 1993)-, call number T 8742; Cleve- land Public Library—complete, call number miss- ing; State Library of Victoria—No.1 (1980)–no.18 (1981); no.20 (1981)–no.24 (1990); no.1 (1996)-, call number 794.105 SH59C.

 12. 64. Shakhmatno-Shashechnaya Gazeta (1935–1941) No.1 (July 5, 1935)–no.26 [=no.414] (June 25, 1941). Weekly. Editors N.V. Krylenko (1935–no.6/1938); V.P. Goltsev (no.56/1940– no.15/1941). Publisher unknown. Moskva. Russia. Magazine. General. Russian. Note No longer pub- lished. Sources Sakharov 1859; KB; CPL. Avail - ability Koninklijke Bibliotheek—complete, call numbers 64 A 68; NBM Mfm MMI 0001; Cleve- land Public Library—complete?, call numbers W f789.05-Sh59; W789.05-Sh15s.

Référence :

Chess Periodicals - Gino Di Felice
An Annotated International Bibliography, 1836-2008
357 pages,

About the Book

This comprehensive reference work presents detailed bibliographical information about worldwide chess periodicals past to present. It contains 3,163 entries and many cross-references. Information for each entry includes year and country of publication, frequency, sponsors, publisher, editors, subject, language, alternate titles, mergers, continuations, and holdings in chess libraries. Includes an index of periodicals by country and a general index of periodical titles.

About the Author
Gino Di Felice is the author of numerous reference books on chess. He works in the food industry and lives in Mosciano Sant'Angelo, Teramo, Italy.

ISBN: 978-0-7864-4643-8


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