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The Chess Course by Praful Zaveri (A pack of seven books)

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The Chess Course by Praful Zaveri (A pack of seven books)

Post  followyoudown2018 on Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:25 am

The Chess Course by FI Praful Zaveri is one of the most popular books in the chess world. It has sold over 100,000 copies!

The author has one main book - "The Chess Course" which is supplemented with six training books. Buying this product will give you 7 books. You learn and practice from the main book and solve exercises from the workbook.

Book 1: Chess Course (the main book)

Workbook 1: Tests you on the basics and at the end of it you would know all the rules of the game including castling and En Passant

Workbook 2: This book is all about mating patterns

Workbook 3: Basic tactics

Workbook 4: Endgames including basic pawn endgames, rook endgames, Lucena, Philidor etc.

Workbook 5: Advanced Tactics

Workbook 6: Learning difficult checkmates, solving chess compositions, and studying 100 classics.

Note: The main book contains nearly all the topics of the six workbooks and they have to be done in sync with each other.


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Post  bishop7 on Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:29 pm

Where is the link?

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