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Starting Out: Closed Sicilian (Starting Out - Everyman Chess)!!!

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Starting Out: Closed Sicilian (Starting Out - Everyman Chess)!!! Empty Starting Out: Closed Sicilian (Starting Out - Everyman Chess)!!!

Post  Gmde on Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:50 am

English International master Richard Palliser presents Starting Out: Closed Sicilian, an in-depth guide for intermediate to advanced chess players. Staring Out: Closed Sicilian offers the white- piece chess player an aggressive way to attack the Sicilian while avoiding the extreme complexity of opening theory associated with Open Sicilians. Being aware of core themes is more important than memorizing variations in the Closed Sicilian, making it valuable to players who prefer to immerse themselves in the experience of the game rather than rely heavily on rote study. Examples and sample chess problems, and illustrative chess diagrams on almost every page offer highly descriptive case-based breakdown of theory and execution. Starting Out: Closed Sicilian lives up to the high quality and exacting professional standards of in-depth chess guides from Everyman Chess
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