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Chess Strategy for Kids - Thomas Engqvist

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Chess Strategy for Kids - Thomas Engqvist

Post  The Rook on Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:12 pm

So you have learned how to play chess, studied tactics and know some basic endgames and openings. What's next?
The glue that binds it all together is strategy. By forming a good plan, chess-players seize strong points on the board and target the opponent's weaknesses. Experienced player and teacher Thomas Engqvist shows that it all depends on logic that can be grasped by players of any age. He explains how to identify the right strategy in a wide range of typical situations. With his guidance, you will soon be finding good plans on your own - and then it will be time to demonstrate your tactical mastery!

He first teaches the importance of the central squares and the basics of pawn-play, before examining the role of each of the pieces and how they are affected by the pawn-structure. Finally we see how to use them together to launch attacks of many different types. You then get a chance to test your new strategic skills in 54 exercises, all with full solutions.


Thanks to the original uploader.

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Re: Chess Strategy for Kids - Thomas Engqvist

Post  adnan on Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:55 am

Thank you very much sir..........


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