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The Zugzwang Method: How to optimize your chess preparation - Daniel Muñoz Sanchez

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The Zugzwang Method: How to optimize your chess preparation - Daniel Muñoz Sanchez

Post  The Rook on Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:26 am

Do you find that no matter how much you study chess, your progress doesn't meet your aspirations? Would you like to feel the pleasure of victory much more often? Are you tired of losing "won games"? You don't have the settle with your level for the rest of your life! Visit the Website for more information: • 200 pgs. of unpublished material . Not available in stores. • Read it in 7 days and change your habits permanently • Organize your precious time and optimize it! • Learn proven techniques in order to win more games. • Prepare your openings like the GMs do. • Intended for players from 1500 to 2200 ELO points • Learn to think like the titled players. • Position evaluation in just 5 steps • Unbalanced and balanced positions: how to focus them • How to avoid analyzing unnecessary variations. • How to make good decisions in record time. • How do you not forget everything that you study? • How do you avoid having to memorize the same thing so many times? • Design a repertoire of openings true to your style with a very effective plan • Opening preparation techniques used today by Grand Masters • How to find good plans in the middle game. • Typical structures with more effective influence. • Discover the endgames that you must know first and why. • And so much more…

Thanks to the original uploader.

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