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1001 Checkmate Exercises: From Beginner to Winner - Sam Cicero

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1001 Checkmate Exercises: From Beginner to Winner - Sam Cicero

Post  The Rook on Mon Dec 24, 2018 6:08 pm

This book presents 1001 checkmate exercises from recent tournament games. The exercises are easier than those contained in my book, 1001 Checkmate Exercises: Mastering An Essential Chess Skill (, and they are more suited to beginners or players who have little experience in chess.The book contains mate in 1 and 2 exercises.

The mate in 1 exercises are split into two chapters. In the first chapter, the position is given just before the mate is possible, and the reader is required to find the mate. In the second chapter, the position is given before the losing move is made. The task is to visualise this move, and then to find the mate. Many of these exercises include bad blunders that thereby allow a checkmate.

A supplementary exercise in these cases is for the reader to find a better move that can potentially avoid the checkmate, although this is not always possible.The format of the book means that the level of visualisation required to solve the exercises increases by one half-move (or ply in computer chess terms) with each chapter.

Hence, the exercises gradually extend the reader's visualisation skills, as well asimproving checkmating skills.The goal of each exercise is to find the quickest mate. In some positions, there may be several moves that lead to checkmate, but the quickest mate is required. There is only one first move for each exercise that achieves this goal. Detailed solutions are provided for all the exercises, and they have been computer-checked by several strong chess engines for accuracy.The book will be a valuable resource beginners or players who have little experience in chess, and it will give the reader many hours of instruction and entertainment.

Thanks to the original uploader.
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