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Ian Anderson Chess Visualization Course book 1 and 2

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Ian Anderson Chess Visualization Course book 1 and 2 Empty Ian Anderson Chess Visualization Course book 1 and 2

Post  QuietMove on Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:50 am

Chess Visualization Course by Ian Anderson, book 1 and 2, comprehend a lot of positions to enhance
chess visualization skill. There are 891 pages in total and 1680 exercises plus as much preparatory positions.

From Introduction of Volume 1:

This book provides a practical and systematic approach to improving one’s chess visualization
skills. It contains 800 practical training exercises taken from real games, many played
by international masters and grandmasters in tournaments located throughout the world.
The positions in this book will stretch your vision from one to two to three sectors of the
board using variations that run from four to thirty-nine half-moves deep!
The exercises are arranged in twenty-six chapters, each of which illustrates a particular
theme. Each chapter contains on average more than thirty exercises, which provides extensive
coverage of each theme presented.

From Introduction of Volume 2:

This second book of the Chess Visualization Course continues the systematic and practical approach
to chess visualization begun in Book 1, this time using 880 visualization exercises that feature
kingside sacrifices and combinations that occur on the six squares in front of Black's kingside
castled King -- f7, g7, and h7 on the 7th rank and f6, g6, and h6 on the 6th rank. Thus this book
provides a dual purpose. It gives you the opportunity to practice your chess visualization skills
while exploring almost 900 exercises involving kingside sacrifices and combinations. This book also
contains more than 1800 preparatory positions derived from the visualization exercises which
highlight the various mating patterns and other key ideas associated with each type of sacrifice or


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