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Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3... Qd6 by Michael Melts 2nd Edition

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Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3... Qd6 by Michael Melts 2nd Edition

Post  ChessCaissa on Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:55 am

PDF (7.8 mb):

Thanks to the original uploader! sunny

In 2001, Correspondence Master Michael Melts book on the dynamic 3...Qd6 variation of the Scandinavian Defense grabbed the attention of chess world. It began to be played regularly at all levels. Novice and Intermediate players found it easy to learn and understand, while powerful grandmasters such as Sergei Tiviakov realized it was an excellent line in which Black could play fearlessly and soundly for a win. Now, in the second edition of The Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3...Qd6, the author has added a tremendous amount of new analysis, insight and practical recommendations. This revised and enlarged second edition will provide both a solid foundation for meeting 1.e4 while at the same time allowing considerable room for creativity and original play. Melts serious study of a serious opening shows that at the moment not much need scare Black. Easy to play and theoretically sound how many openings can boast that?

About the Author
Michael Melts (born 1950 in Kharkov, Ukraine) is an International Correspondence Chess Master. His games and opening articles have been published in many chess magazines worldwide and he has also discovered many chess opening Michael Melts emigrated from the Ukraine to the USA in 1994. He lives with his wife in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Product details
Paperback: 301 pages
Publisher: Russell Enterprises, Inc.; 2 edition (June 12, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1888690550
ISBN-13: 978-1888690552


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