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Mastering the King's Indian Defense by Robert Bellin, Pietro Ponzetto

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Mastering the King's Indian Defense  by Robert Bellin,  Pietro Ponzetto Empty Mastering the King's Indian Defense by Robert Bellin, Pietro Ponzetto

Post  ChessCaissa on Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:30 am

PDF (11.2 mb):

Thanks to the original uploader! sunny

The King's Indian Defense is an opening for anyone who enjoys exciting games of attack and counter-attack. It is a favorite opening of some of the greatest exponents of attacking play. If you are looking for an opening to add to your repertoire, or if you already play the King's Indian and would like to understand it better, this book will show you all of the important ideas, both tactical and strategical.

Product details
Series: A Batsford Chess Book
Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Collier Books; 1st Collier Books ed edition (May 1, 1990)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0020306210
ISBN-13: 978-0020306214

Reactions by Amazon readers:
"This book is absolutely excellent - it is a shame that it is out of print.
The book features a rather unique approach to learning the opening - pawn structure. Each chapter focuses on a different characteristic structure arising out of each of the major variations ; saemisch, classical, orthodox, yugoslav, panov, four pawns, averback, etc. etc.
Each pawn structure is carefully dissected as to where the optimal piece placement is, typical and recurring themes and ideas, and finally any tactical motifs that are regular.
Each chapter concludes with a couple of Grandmaster level games illustrating the material covered.
At the end of the book ,there is a statistical survey of each variation, it strategic and tactical complexity, and its tournament results in master level play.
If you play the KID, or would like to, grab this book wherever you can!!"

"In fact, this is not a book for just King's Indian Defence,it is something MUCH-MUCH more.
It is a method of how to study EVERY OPENING.
If you just have a look at this book (and other books of Bellin-Ponzetto on openings) you most probably will hate all other opening books, for not being like this.
No endless 20-move opening variants, sub-variants etc, but just understanding what is going on.
Middle-game plans according to pawn-structure... this is the essence of this book.
If you want the state-of the-art, of course you will have another source also, but this series of books is indispensable as a first reading."


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